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Tim Ledford, Catherine Blüm
Business Partners & Co-Owners of David Francis

Our Journey

For more than four decades, the name David Francis has been synonymous with acclaimed designer furniture collections that make a bold statement in any space. Our expertise lies in crafting environmentally conscious pieces using materials like rattan, crushed bamboo, and sustainably sourced woods. Through innovative furniture design, we infuse traditional materials with artistry, meticulous detail, and a fresh perspective.

Continuing the Tradition

After the founders of David Francis Furniture, David and Theresa (Terry) Swett, retired in 2020, a new chapter unfolded. Catherine Blüm, daughter of David and Terry, and Tim Ledford, production manager for over 25 years, joined forces to carry forward the legacy established by David and Terry. Collaboratively, they established David Francis, LLC, a partnership that remains dedicated to innovation and the creation of top-tier furniture for the industry. Drawing upon their cumulative years of experience, fortified by their business acumen and creative talents, David Francis, LLC stands as a testament to a family's enduring commitment to the art of furniture-making.

Catherine Blüm

Catherine's upbringing was a deep dive into the realm of furniture and design.  At the age of 13, Catherine became an avid world traveler accompanying David and Terry on buying trips to Southeast Asia. Her daily surroundings were filled with raw materials, furniture sketches, mounds of cushions, and leisurely walks through the finishing department, nurturing her curiosity and passion. In her teenage years, she was surrounded by the intricate design process, material curation, and the transformative journey of manifesting furniture concepts and sketches into tangible creations alongside her parents.

Following her graduation from the University of Florida, Catherine returned to Vero Beach, where her destined path with David Francis Furniture awaited. After spending 5 years learning all aspects of operations, which included working in the shipping department, David’s encouragement prompted her to venture into furniture design.  Infusing youthful vibrancy into the brand, Catherine’s first design debuted in 2012. Her inventive designs quickly gained traction, marking the inception of her career as a furniture designer. Her innovative designs have earned her recognition within the realm of rattan furniture design.

Blessed with her mother's discerning design sensibilities and guided by Terry's mastery in materials, Catherine and Terry collaboratively curated the array of fabrics and finishes offered by David Francis Furniture. Fueled by a thirst for knowledge and nurtured by her parents' steadfast dedication, she gained a profound comprehension of both the artistic and engineering of furniture production. Her parents, acting as mentors, shaped Catherine into an empowered and accomplished businesswoman.

Today, Catherine stands at the helm of the family business, embracing the meticulously crafted legacy her parents established while infusing her distinct creative essence. Her formidable business acumen and boundless imagination have propelled David Francis, LLC to new heights, a feat that fills her parents with pride. Catherine envisions the perpetuation of the David Francis legacy and hopes that one day her children will join the team and continue the legacy.

Beyond her professional commitments, Catherine revels in cherished moments with her husband and two children, be it through travel escapades, fishing expeditions, or soccer games. Her exuberant nature and boundless creativity inspire an atmosphere of joy at David Francis, LLC.

Tim Ledford

Tim Ledford's journey to David Francis Furniture embarked over two decades earlier, during his teenage years when he dedicated himself to restoring all types of antique furniture at a local restoration shop under the mentorship of Mr. Hanson. For the first two years, Tim was not permitted to interact with the furniture, until a pivotal moment when Mr. Hanson gave him an opportunity that evoked an exclamation of "This is the best job ever!". This enthusiastic response, fueled by Tim's innate curiosity and hidden talents, didn't go unnoticed. Mr. Hanson soon discovered Tim’s artistic capabilities and attention to detail and he quickly took Tim under his wing to explore and expand upon his talent.

As time flowed, Tim meticulously refined his skills, evolving into an accomplished furniture finisher, ingenious carpenter, and respected artisan, gaining recognition that echoed beyond the confines of the Treasure Coast. Encouraged by his wife's support, he embraced the limelight and opened his own finishing shop, further solidifying his reputation.

As the David Francis Furniture brand began to grow, David knew they needed to bring finishing in-house and they needed an expert to lead a production team.  David and Terry had learned about Tim’s reputation and sought out his expertise. David and Tim had an immediate connection and soon after the initial meeting between David and Tim, Tim transitioned into his role at David Francis Furniture as production manager.  The seamless fusion of Tim's extensive experience enabled him to lead the company's manufacturing process for well over a quarter-century. Driven by his curiosity, Tim delved into the realm of creating furniture designs, resulting in award-winning creations that encapsulated his fervor for furniture and its intricate craftsmanship. His expertise extended to creating unique formulas for hand-applied finishes that, to this day, continue to define each and every David Francis piece of furniture.    

Away from David Francis, Tim finds solace in the art of restoring hot rods, immersing himself in every stage, from construction to the application of vibrant automotive coatings. His boundless creative spirit is palpable in every endeavor he undertakes. The internal comments at David Francis are that if Tim cannot repair it or find the solution, it cannot be done! Tim is truly a one-of-a-kind artist. 

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Exclusive Designs

At the core of our team lies a group of passionate designers who pour their creativity into every collection. They meticulously sketch, draft, and bring each piece to life, harmoniously fusing bold design with precisely calculated dimensions and a strong emphasis on comfort. Our unwavering dedication to innovation drives us forward, continuously seeking the next groundbreaking creation that defies limits and establishes new trends.

each piece carries

Sustainable Style

David Francis recognizes the imperative of safeguarding our environment, both at a local and global scale. As trailblazers in the realm of eco-friendly and sustainable furniture, we take great pride in our commitment to using materials like rattan and crushed bamboo. Furthermore, we ensure that all our hardwoods are sourced from plantations, assuring that no wood species are derived from endangered rainforests. Our mission is to lead the way in responsible furniture crafting, fostering a greener and more sustainable future.

The David Francis Way

Expert Finishing

The natural beauty of our fine furniture is skillfully revealed through the art of hand-finishing. Our master finishers delicately apply intricate layers of stain or paint, enhancing the form of each piece with precision. Through the artist's hand, the inherent variations in our materials are thoughtfully accentuated, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations that exude charm and character.

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At David Francis, we offer you the choice to either select from our carefully curated graded-in performance fabrics or provide us with your own COM (Customer's Own Material). Whichever you choose, rest assured that each cushion is meticulously sewn and finished to order, embodying the superior craftsmanship that defines the essence of our brand. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take pride in delivering furniture of the highest quality.

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Fully Customizable

We harmoniously blend beauty, quality, and functionality to create custom furniture that perfectly complements your unique design aesthetic. Our furniture frames are deliberately kept unfinished, providing you, the designer, with complete freedom to personalize each piece according to your vision. We understand that no two design projects are alike, and our goal is to help you achieve something truly extraordinary in every endeavor.

Hospitality Furniture

David Francis' celebrated expertise in tailoring furniture to match your vision and budget positions us as the perfect furnishings collaborator for your hospitality ventures. Regardless of the project's size, David Francis Hospitality boasts the requisite experience to serve as your hospitality solutions ally. More than 90% of our furniture is purposefully designed for hospitality applications.

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