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Customer's Own Material

Send us your COM!

We love seeing the patterns, textures and different materials you select for our furniture.

To ensure your COM is applied to your specifications, please review the following:

Does Your Fabric Have A Pattern?

Does Your Fabric Have A Pattern?

The "COM" chart below shows the number of yards of fabric required to upholster each piece based on a 54" roll of fabric.

The chart will also allow you to compute the additional yardage required for matching repeats.

David Francis will not be held responsible for any remnant material. However, we will try to return all unused fabric, when available.


Right Way or Railroad?



Selecting a COM?

Here's what you need to do:

1. Fill Out The COM Form

Please complete a COM form with your specific instructions for applying your fabric. If no COM form is submitted with your order, David Francis reserves the right to determine which side of the material is the face side, which is the top and bottom of the design, as well as how to apply the material to the piece.

Please email your completed COM form to:

2. Attach A Swatch

To ensure your fabric is applied correctly, attach a swatch to your COM form, face side up, with a written indication to which is the top or “up” direction.

3. Send Your COM to:

Your fabric should be sent to us prepaid and clearly side marked with your company name, purchase order number and product style number. We accept no liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Ship your COM to the address below:
David Francis COM Dept.
3980 US Highway One
Vero Beach, FL 32960

*Special Handling

David Francis reserves the right to make an additional charge if your cover material requires unusual handling or if you require special detailing. If so, we will notify you of the charge before proceeding.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be an additional 7% charge for specialty materials such as: heavy fabric, leather, vinyl, laminated or woven material (such as twill), exploding fringe and twisted cording.

Time to fill out the COM form

You can complete your COM form online using the form below.

Or, Download the PDF version here